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ELECTROELSA is a manufacturer of mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms, material hoists and construction hoists. The company began in 1982, with the design and construction of civil and industrial installations. ELECTROELSA soon entered the hoist-manufacturing sector as a supplier of control panels for the manufacturers of lifting machines. In 1995, the company opened a machine manufacturing division and dedicated themselves to the production of complete rack and pinion lifting systems. It quickly became one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the industry.


ELECTROELSA produces 100% of its products with all their parts, including control panels, internally. It uses advanced technology systems for both the mechanical and the electrical design process. It uses robotic welding systems in the manufacturing process and automatic marking procedures for numbering the wires and cables inside the control panels. The company also manufactures "customised" products to meet the needs of its customers around the world, from Japan to the US.




Our range offers 25 basic models including material lifting hoists, construction hoists and transport platforms for materials and people. They are all equipped with rack and pinion systems capable of lifting loads ranging from 400 kg to more than 5000 kg. We also produce mast climbing work platforms for working on the façades of buildings, which measure up to 51 m in width and 220 m in height.


In 2015, ELECTROELSA acquired a new plant in the locality of Casole d'Elsa thus increasing its total area from 12,000 sq.m. to 53,000 sq.m..


The total of 53,000 sq.m. includes an indoor area of 13,000 sq.m., where there are 6 production departments and offices, and an outdoor area, which, in addition to parking and manoeuvring areas, also has an area dedicated to the Showroom.

Azienda Electroelsa Casole d'Elsa 2016