Passenger and material hoist transport platform

Material hoists: Passenger and material hoist transport platform

Passenger and Material hoists

Since the rack and pinion drive system has been introduced the vertical transportation of man and material has been revolutioned.

Material hoists EHM 400 MiniMaterial hoists EHM 1000 MiniMaterial hoists EHM 400 - EHM 500Material hoists EHM 1200Material hoists EHM 2500/10Material hoists EHM 2500/15 RMaterial hoists EHM 2500/15 TMaterial hoists EHM 2500/25 TMaterial hoists EHM 2500/25 RMaterial hoists EHM 2500/35

Characteristics and advantages:
  • Fast and safe installation from the platform/cage.
  • Fast change from goods to passengers and viceversa.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Interchanceability of components gives maximum utilisation and reduces your capital investment.
  • Ideal for restoration works inside centre sites where space is very important. Can be easily installed in exisisting stair wells and lift shafts
  • Easy and fast mobility by crane or forklift.
  • Low transport cost due to a compact transport package.