Лифт для крана

Лифт для крана Грузо-пассажирские лифты

Лифт для крана Грузо-пассажирские лифты

Лифт для крана Грузовые лифты, транспортные платформы и грузопассажирские лифты реечного типа с зубчатым зацеплением для подъёма груза и пассажиров.
Dati Tecnici Technical Data Da-a / From-to
Portata Payload 200 Kg / 2 persons
Dimensioni interne cesta Internal Cage dimensions 800 x 650 mm
Dim. esterne inc.colonna External cage dimensions with mast 875 x 1260 mm
Velocità di sollevamento Lifting speed 24 m/min
Velocità media con VFC Everage speed with VFC 0-40 m/min*
Altezza max inst. esterna Max lifting height (ext. Installation) 160m
Distanza ancoraggio Wall tie distance 6 m
Distanza guida cavo Cable guide distance 6 m
No. di motori No. of motors 1 x 4 kW
Tensione alimentazione Power supply range 220/380 v-50 Hz
275/480 v-60 Hz
Tipo di colonna Mast section type Triangular
Peso unità base Total base unit weight 600/800 kg

Base unit weight it's consider with one mast section without base enclousure unit.

* In according to local codes

Characteristics and advantages:
  • Adaptable to the majority of tower crane designs
  • Fast and easy installation from inside the cage
  • Versatile unit for both internal or external installation
  • Overspeed safety brake
  • Rack and pinion system
  • Gear motor with manual brake release
  • Automatic rack greasing system
  • Overload system
  • Drive unit hot deep galvanized
  • Emergency trap
  • Cage hot deep galvanized and aluminium
  • Emergency siren
  • Mast section hot deep galvanized
  • Versatile ties in system
  • Cage door available in several types
  • Adaptable Landing gate
  • Ground enclosure available
  • Fully compliant with EN 81-43
  • Made in Italy